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aromatherapy from AfterGlow NaturalsAll substances you put on your skin are absorbed. Many of the mainstream products even from health food stores may contain toxic and irritating ingredients. Not something you would want to put on your largest organ.

Your skin can also absorb healthy and beneficial ingredients. It’s time to heal, nourish, and protect your skin with nature’s best.

Also see our categories for normal, oily, dry, and matrue skin for what we recommend for these different skin types.

Anti-Scar Balm
Anti-Scar Balm
restore skin softness, elasticity
All Natural Deodorant
mild on your skin yet very effective
Herbal Body Butter
Herbal Body Butter
a moisturizing cold cream for face, body
Body Bliss Jasmine
Body and Bath Oil Jasmine
increase elasticity, smoothness, skin tone
Body Bliss Rose
Body and Bath Oil Rose
protect, soothe, and soften
Body Bliss Ylang Yland
B & B Oil Ylang Ylang
helps your skin absorb moisture
Body Bliss Neroli
Body and Bath Oil Neroli
regenerates skin cells
Hand and Foot Therapy Balm
Hand and Foot Therapy
excellent for healing damaged skin
Sore Muscle Rub
Sore Muscle Rub

releave pain, increase circulation
Herbal Skin Relief First Aid Spray
Herbal Skin Relief Spray
treat acne, eczema, insect bites, stings
Herbal Insect Spray
Herbal Insect Repellent
naturally repels irritating insects
Massage Oil
Massage oil
deeply relaxes muscles, tendons, ligaments
Goats Milk Soap
Goats Milk Bar Soap
cleanses, retards visible signs of aging
Shea Butter Soap from AfterGlow Naturals
Lavender shea butter
wonderfully moisturizing as it cleans
Tea Tree Oatmeal Soap from AfterGlow Naturals
Tea Tree oatmeal Soap
gentle and soothing to your skin
Lavender Rosemary Soap
rich, sudsy, gentle, aromatic lather
Orange Foaming Hand Soap
Orange Foaming Soap
rich, sudsy, gentle, aromatic lather
Steaming Herbs
Steaming Herbs
transform your complexion into a radiant glow
  Steaming Herbs
Aloe Vera Shaving Gel
moisturizing, soothing for men and women

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